Meet the Editors

From a fiery redheaded Donna (yes, like the one from Suits) to an undergound music junkie, we have a great team who we would just love to introduce to you! All with our unique quirks and different personalities, together we bring you a rainbow team, filled with all kinds of beautiful colours.

Steve Lovell

Steve here is our main man. He started the first business card printing company in Wellington and now he is our MD.

Conversation Starter:

Ask him about original music.

But whatever you do, DO NOT ask Steve about Cryptocurrency or about any Conspiracy Theories unless you have the whole day.

Jackie Nichol

Have you ever seen Suits? Remember Donna?? If you do, then I need to say no more with regards to this fiery redhead. A wide format printing guru who has a contagious laugh and a very welcoming personality, it is no wonder she will be the first face you see when you walk in our doors.

Conversation Starter:

Ask her about Hamilton (the Musical) or how she feels about Christmas.

Yolandi du Toit

Yolandi is our full time Graphic Designer. A true creative who comes from the magazine industry. Loves a good aesthetic & colour palette and intentional branding.

Conversation Starter:

Ask her what online course she is curently doing or perhaps how she feels about drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. Do not ask her how she feels about RGB swatches in ‘Print Ready’ files..

Steve Wallace

Yes, we have two Steve’s! This Steve is the King of Production and makes sure your cards are beautifully trimmed down to size.

Conversation Starter:

Ask him about his dog or about his biking days.

Amy Dean

A very talented designer who has been with Porirua Print the longest. This fun-loving calm personality will make you feel at ease and help guide you to the perfect design you have always wanted.

Conversation Starter:

Ask her about her twins, why good design costs money or how her best friend ended up with the name ‘Bob’.


Siobhan, the scottish gal with an accent and a whole lot of paper knowledge from her days working for Antalis, the world’s largest paper supplier. This amazing human helps everywhere and does a little bit of everything for us.

Conversation Starter:

Ask her about her plants or her dog!